Thursday, September 21, 2017


This is my scratch animation I hope you like it

Click space to reset the letters

Here is my success criteriaWhat did like about the task?

  1. I liked how we were using technology
    1. What didn’t you like about the task?
    I didn’t really like the video
    1. What was challenging for you?
    Trying to follow the video
    1. Which 2 learning muscles did you use and how?
    2. I used absorption very well by getting absorbed in scratch
         I used imitating very well to imitate to the person's instructions

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Moari hand weaving

This is my maori hand weaving

This is how to make one
  1. Colour 2 pieces of paper
  2. On the back measure 3 cm portrait
  3. Check that all the strips are long
  4. You are done!!!   😎 😎 😎

Monday, September 11, 2017

The True Story Of Little Red Riding Hood

The True Story Of Little Red Riding Hood
So you have all heard the story of little red riding hood right well I’m here to tell you the real story.

Once upon a time a girl was running through the woods holding a basket of pancakes for her Granny to cook and eat. Then she saw a grey figure (or the Grandma) standing in the woods so little red riding hood pulled out her slingshot and a rock and shot at it and so the grandma ran away into the her house and hid in the closet.

The girl then met a wolf and the girl thought it was a dog so she put it in her basket and the wolf ate all the pancakes and then was a fully grown wolf and then jumped out of the basket and ran into the house in the bed

A few minutes later Red riding hood came in and saw the wolf in the bed so she shot lots of rocks in its mouth with her slingshot and then drowned it in the river then she got the wood chopper to chop open the closet so he grandma could get out.


Wednesday, September 6, 2017


This is my Maori weaving

It is for my calendar art

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

My Writing week 6

There I was lying down in my bed trying to get to sleep. I had just been up all night and waiting for the time to hit 3 AM. Finally it had hit 3 AM. A new record I was so excited then, I noticed it was the devil's hour.(3 AM is the devil’s hour,amanjot told me). I was very very nervous and I waited there waiting for the hour to disappear. I was urging to see mum and dad, but I was terrified. I was as still, as a statue so there scared in my bed I waited for the hour of darkness to end. A few minutes later I grew my confidence and went to get a drink but the cold breeze still sent shivers down my spine. I looked through the window and it was crackling with rain. Suddenly the light went out. I knew something bad was going to happen, But not to me! I sprinted so fast down the hallway and cannonballed into the covers on my bed. Just then I saw the cupboard was open and I remembered that my mum said that an open cupboard is bad luck so I closed the cupboard and then the time hit 4:00           THE END
IMG_1656.JPG      by Jordan.S

This is my my extension maths shape.
It has 4 lines of symmetry.
2 are diagonal and like an X, and two are going through the middle like a plus because if you fold it diagonally or half way through then it is the same

In fractions 4/13 is green, 5/13 is orange and 4/13 is tan

If you add 4+4+5 it equals 13

Thursday, August 24, 2017



Screenshot 2017-08-23 at 12.38.32 PM.png

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  • Don't need to walk back because this amazing invention will come to wherever you go.
  • If you tell it to do something or turn into something It will obey and do what you have told it to do
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Planet uknown

Planet unknown
YAY, we have got our first plant on Exploratopia.
We are now exploring the planet it has some but not much air so people can breath without masks we have built heaps of towns, cities, ponds, pools and barns for people to live it’s amazing how this planet actually has air something must have got here before. This planet is way bigger than earth so we are planning to destroy earth,
Greg, grogg gurt gurt grug grug gloop glug
which means
Yay, we have a new home on earth we will start to build

On  Exploratopia. People were inventing a nuclear laser to destroy earth they were nearly ready to activate the nuclear weapon but they needed alien powder they found some in a hole but they needed 1 more speck they aliens came to their old planet which in their language is gloopglogger and found their nuclear machine they didn’t want earth to be destroyed so they both had a war

They had a six year war and then they got way too bored because no one ever died the people that fought had force fields so they couldn't get hit they decided to stop the war and let the aliens live on earth…

6 years later The aliens attacked so the humans killed all the aliens aad destroyed earth


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Crime scene


Maori hand games

Maori hand games

Last week we were lucky enough to go to Maori hand games
some people came and taught us some movements and the Maori way of saying it.
At Maori hand games we competed against each other
When I versed Kahu I was scared that I would lose but I won. I got 2 and he got 1

We played with knucklebones which in maori is koruru we learned that when they were there because they told us when  we were learning
We also learned names of the songs these are some names:
Ha tama tu tama
E hippy toi toi

But for now this is the end!

My Name Tag

Screenshot 2017-07-24 at 9.26.47 AM.png

Sunday, June 25, 2017


What I Know that prehistoric animals lived millions of years ago and some of them like the T-rex ate other animals. They each had a different food like the brontosaurus ate plants and the T-rex ate meat
The T-rex was the top dinosaur because it beat every other animal
In the sea there are prehistoric animals like the mosasaurus and they had more food like fish because fish came in packs and they can eat pack of fish in 1 gulp.  

What I want to find out is :

  • Where prehistoric animals lived?

  • Why did they live there ?

  • How did prehistoric animals get their name?

  • Are there still prehistoric animals living?
  • How did the sea prehistoric animals die out when the asteroid came because they still had heaps of


What I Learnt

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


My research Question
What do dinosaurs have,eat and what



T-rex: up to 12 metres long, powerful jaws, thick sharp teeth, big brain, giant, skeleton, bones.

Velociraptor: 2 metres long, clever, small, long, tall, small lizard.

Argentinosaurus: long, biggest, heaviest, 100 tonnes, 25 metres tall

T-rex: meat eater                       Velociraptor:meat eating
Dracorex: plant eater                 Nothronychus: plant eater
Pentaceratops: plant eater

T-rex: big           Velociraptor : small       Dracorex: small
Argentinosaurus: Enormous     Nothronychus : small
Pentaceratops: medium           Gastonia : small
Extra crazy facts
The argentinosaurus weighed 100 tonnes and was 25 metres tall!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

HBHS perform

The day HBHS did the Haka
Today we watched HBHS do the haka. The people that were there were quite funny at some points in the middle they did a dab and everyone was talking about it I felt really excited at the start because my brother goes to HBHS. My brother wasn’t in the haka I felt a bit sad that he wasn’t there but I knew that he wouldn't be there anyway. They did a musical song but they said words that we didn't understand. ¾ of the way we had to copy what the people from HBHS did and we didn't even know that we had to copy until they said “your turn” then we knew we had to to say and do what they just did I think that they were just testing us to see if we were listening. At the end they were really funny because they were all jumping around and making silly faces. I thought that it was an amazing show!

Monday, May 15, 2017

my reading week 1


a little adventure

A Little Adventure

Key Words
Pages: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Nick, Caitlin, Lucy, Abby, Aunt, Uncle.
Camping, hiking, holidays, steps, farm, track, parents, bush, bikes.

Flying fox, Kath, exciting, tomorrow, girl's, father.

Adventure, backpack, mobile phone, slow down
The girls wanted to go on an adventure. Abby knew her aunt had a track and a flying fox at the end so they packed their stuff and went  
Pages: 8,9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Hike nearly banana skin feeding laughed finish reached bend unusual musical listen coming rushed caught up continued expected suddenly pointed beside three allowed ourselves gloomily chocolate walking
They ate some bananas and threw them next to a tree they heard a bird and they followed it then they they came back to the tree that they threw the bananas next to  
Pages: 15, 16
Endless another sunshine breaking where there forgot aching waiting rather beginning grinned weren't really adventure
The girls cept on walking on and saw the sunshine breaking through and suddenly saw dad

Summary of whole book:

the girls wanted to go on an adventure abby knew a place that they could go but they had to pack first when they got to the track on the way they heard a bird they followed it then they went back to the track and cept on walking then they saw dad and they ran to him.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the day we went to mt bruce

The Day we went to Mt Bruce
Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. On the second day at camp I woke up really excited because we were going to Mt Bruce. I was really excited when we got to see Manukura the white kiwi, because I had researched heaps about it and i was wondering if my facts were right. The white kiwi was chasing the other kiwi. When the white kiwi chased the other kiwi it was funny seeing the other kiwi running away. At Mt Bruce we also saw the Kaka, I was also excited because I had researched about it as well. One of the rangers was feeding the kaka so they came out where we could see them. They looked so cool all flying in. The Kakas feathers were a mix of colours like red,orange and grey. After we saw all the birds we had lunch then we went to see the eels. The eels had very sharp teeth. After Mr Blakey fed the eels we said goodbye to the rangers and we ended our day. It was an awesome day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The kiwi is a native bird of New Zealand. Its legs are scaly , they have sharp claws and the legs are strong. The Kiwi is also also furry but it cannot fly. The kiwi only hunts at night which means its nocturnal the kiwi eats bugs and insects . The kiwi is endangered because wild dogs eat the kiwis ferrets, rats, weasels and possums eat there eggs. Kiwis Live in the bush so they can hide from predators. kiwis are special to New Zealand because they are the national symbol of NZ.