Wednesday, March 22, 2017

the day we went to mt bruce

The Day we went to Mt Bruce
Tweet. Tweet. Tweet. On the second day at camp I woke up really excited because we were going to Mt Bruce. I was really excited when we got to see Manukura the white kiwi, because I had researched heaps about it and i was wondering if my facts were right. The white kiwi was chasing the other kiwi. When the white kiwi chased the other kiwi it was funny seeing the other kiwi running away. At Mt Bruce we also saw the Kaka, I was also excited because I had researched about it as well. One of the rangers was feeding the kaka so they came out where we could see them. They looked so cool all flying in. The Kakas feathers were a mix of colours like red,orange and grey. After we saw all the birds we had lunch then we went to see the eels. The eels had very sharp teeth. After Mr Blakey fed the eels we said goodbye to the rangers and we ended our day. It was an awesome day.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


The kiwi is a native bird of New Zealand. Its legs are scaly , they have sharp claws and the legs are strong. The Kiwi is also also furry but it cannot fly. The kiwi only hunts at night which means its nocturnal the kiwi eats bugs and insects . The kiwi is endangered because wild dogs eat the kiwis ferrets, rats, weasels and possums eat there eggs. Kiwis Live in the bush so they can hide from predators. kiwis are special to New Zealand because they are the national symbol of NZ.